From the festival’s name my hunch was that it would be an uncommon foodie adventure. I threw my normal eating habits to the wind when I passed by the Cake King of Astoria Queens' table. They invented the canolli donut. I had read about this new creation, but hadn’t dreamed of tasting it today

The supersized delicacy came with a hefty price tag of $7. Instead of the hard fortune cookie type pastry shell, it was encased in a fluffy dough that shouted, “Yum”. There were only a few plain ones left. I decided to start my dinner with dessert, but my problem was that if I ate the whole thing, it would be my entire dinner! It was too perishable and too fragile to take it away with me.

I sought out tasting volunteers. I asked the next two people who approached, “Can you help me. I bought this cannoli and I must not eat the whole thing.  May I gift you half of it?" They accepted. 

 Our “diet” canolli rocked as did the impromptu experience of sharing part of my adventure with new acquaintances.

What food do you find more fun to share?